Instructor Brings Dance Movement to Asia

Emma Satchel is someone who knows the phrase “hard work pays off.”  And though it took a handful of years to see this, Emma’s Zumba story truly has a global footprint that led her all the way to the Philippines.

In 2007, a friend introduced Emma to the Zumba program while living in South Carolina. The fitness fanatic quickly fell in love with the workout, became a licensed Zumba instructor and began teaching.

In 2008, Emma wanted to move back to the Philippines and bring the dance movement back to the archipelago, so she inquired with the Zumba Home Office and got the green light. When Emma arrived in the Philippines, she faced resistance from many of the gyms, and so began to doubt her decision; but when she moved to Cebu and taught her first class, her apprehension quickly faded as she slowly began getting more opportunities. “It wasn’t easy, but I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and am very glad I did. It was worth it!” 

Today, Emma has grown her class base from 5 people to nearly 1,000 students in a given class!

In May of 2015, Zumba creator Beto visited the Philippines for the first time and brought even more awareness of the program to the country.

“It was such a rewarding experience for me to show Beto how much I appreciate his support in letting me spread Zumba joy throughout the country. It’s been a dream since I began my fitness career.”