Goodbye Hypertension!

Vickie first entered the doors of a Zumba studio as a 400 lb+ shy woman; it was all so strange to her. “Had someone told me that I would become a Zumba instructor that following year, I would have told them that they were crazy,” Vickie recalled.

Going through many personal trials and tribulations in her young adulthood as a single parent, Vickie was presented with many challenges. Not being able to afford life itself, she found herself facing many health ailments, including Hypertension, which took the life of her father along with Diabetes.

After a visit to the doctor where they threatened to hospitalize her because of off-the-charts blood pressure (literally), Vickie knew she had to make her health a priority. It’s a lifetime commitment—not just a temporary thing.

There was nothing scarier than the thought of being hospitalized when she was the only source of income for her household. At that very moment, she knew it wasn’t just about her anymore; she wanted to be around and witness both of their lives. “I had to break the shell of my comfort zone and take a leap into living a healthy life!”

After a year of taking Zumba classes, Vickie decided it was her turn to motivate others, and she became a licensed Zumba Instructor. Five years and over 100 pounds lost, she is still teaching Zumba classes 6 times per week!

“Zumba fitness has completely changed my outlook on life. The program just didn’t help me lose the weight; it brought along lifelong friends and a new outlook on health and fitness. Today, I am out there trying to show people they have the capability of overcoming obstacles—the same ones that weighed me down about my size and fitness capabilities. All of those things will vanish. Put in the work…get the results both physically and emotionally!“