Embracing My Handicap

Veronica Locatelli is a 29-year-old physiotherapist and devoted Zumba fan. Growing up, she always loved to dance and play volleyball but, at age 12, complications from cancer left Veronica completely blind.

In February of 2014, after hearing about Zumba classes being taught at her former school, she contacted the instructor, Marta Ricci, and asked if she could take part.

Marta thought, “This is great because Veronica won’t be able to see me but she will be able to listen to the music with her ears and with her heart! I have to give this a shot because the Zumba program is for everybody!”

Veronica is doing great with her weekly classes, but she’s not stopping there. Her next adventure will be joining Marta’s evening Zumba class with other students who will be there to support her every step of the way.

“I want Veronica to be able to share her journey and love for the Zumba program with others, and I am sure, step-by-step, we will get there,” exclaimed Marta! “My entire class is on ‘Team Veronica.’”