Stay in the Loop at #ZINCON 2016!

#ZINCON 2016 is upon us and it’s the most exciting time of the year! We all know it can get a little crazy to keep track of all the events, contests, and happenings so we are here to help. Keep reading to learn how you can stay in the loop with everything going on at this year’s Zumba Instructor Convention.

  • First and foremost, #ZINCON is your ticket into a chance to win some really cool prizes. Snap a shot, share it on social with #ZINCON and you might win:

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 4.49.42 PM

  • Did you have a chance to experience the first ever Zumba Cruise? Guess what? We’re cruisin’ again in 2017! Share a photo using #ZumbaCruise for the chance to cruise for free!
  • Remember to make use of our awesome Snapchat [find us @ZumbaJammers] Geofilters!


Good luck and keep on shakin’!

Susan Perez

Susan Perez is the Managing Editor of the ZLife blog and you can usually find her getting her sass on to Beyonce's 'Formation' in Zumba class; other loves include eating popcorn while watching 'The Voice', singing [really badly] at the top of her lungs while driving, and wearing red lipstick.



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