Sneak Peek: Exclusive New Music and Choreography

ZIN™ Members, listen up: we’ve got a special treat for you! You all know, love, dance, and sweat to one of our favorite Joey Montana hits, ‘Picky’. And now, the Panamanian reggaeton sensation has teamed up with Zumba to give YOU exclusive access to his brand new song featuring Chris Jeday ‘Dale Hasta Abajo’ two weeks before it’s released to the rest of the world! Joey appreciates his Zumba fans more than you’ll ever know and, as a way of saying thanks, he wants you to be the very first to dance to his new hit. It’s just another perk of being a member and instructor of the best dance fitness company there is.

ZIN members can log into ZIN Now™ to access ‘Dale Hasta Abajo’ PLUS exclusive choreography, featuring Beto Perez himself. Zumba® class regulars: be sure to ask your instructor to play this in your next sweat sesh!

Get to know a bit more about Joey Montana below!

ZLife: Tell us about the process for ‘Dale Hasta Abajo’. What was the inspiration for this song?

JM: ‘Dale Hasta Abajo’ was a collaboration for my brother Chris Jeday’s album. After he produced the beat, he thought I’d be perfect for it, as I could bring a Panamanian dance influence to it.

ZLife: Why are you working with Zumba to give this song exclusively to instructors before it is released to the public?

JM: Working with Zumba to give their instructors exclusive access to my music is super important for me and for any artist in general. The Zumba community and movement is huge and very influential and it allows me to reach millions of people regardless of language. It’s an amazing way to ensure that my music is successful.

ZLife: Who is your dream artist to collaborate with?

JM: I’d love to work with Drake and Sean Paul.

ZLife: What’s your favorite song to dance to?

JM: “Avispas” by Juan Luis Guerra.

ZLife: What’s your favorite meal of the day?

JM: I love eating lunch! I know breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but I never wake up hungry!

ZLife: Any special message you’d like to give to your Zumba fans?

JM: I want to thank you so, so much for dancing to my songs and for supporting my music. Music is a universal language where no barriers exist. Zumba brings the music community together while at the same time helping people get healthy. It’s amazing! I will forever make my music while keeping my Zumba fans in mind.

Happy dancing 🙂



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