Size 18 to a 4!

Three years ago Wendy Del Signore was severely obese and suffered from multiple health problems.

“I was miserable. I can remember looking at photos from my son’s second birthday and feeling like I ruined them. I didn’t feel like I fit in with my family, and our life together was just passing me by. I started eating healthier and lost some weight, but the weight loss stalled out and I knew I needed to add some physical activity,” Wendy recalled.

Her church offered Zumba classes, so she decided to try it out. Wendy was really nervous, shy, and had zero confidence! She stood in the very back corner of the room and gave it a try, but her mentality soon changed. “I got this incredible adrenaline rush and such an amazing sense of accomplishment. I felt so empowered from just that one class,” Wendy continued. Week after week, Wendy kept going to class. It got so much easier and she really developed a love for it. Her shyness didn’t disappear, but she began making some friends and discovered they had quite a bit in common. Eventually, she moved away from her corner in the back of the room and her new friends gave her wonderful support and encouragement along the way. She challenged herself to step up to the front row and that’s when the fun really began!

“I remember going home one night and telling my husband that my heart was in teaching Zumba classes. I didn’t know if I would ever be brave enough to take that step, but I wanted so desperately to do it. I went back and forth with the decision for several months and my husband finally pushed me to go ahead and sign up. My instructors were so supportive of me, so I traveled two hours and to receive my Zumba license from Zumba Education Specialist Erick Santana.”

The next week, Wendy was teaching the same instructors who originally led her! As of today, Wendy has lost 91 pounds, gone from a size 18 to a 4, and discovered a whole new way of life. “I get the chance every week to inspire others to live healthier, happier lives. If I can do it, anyone can! I was so lonely before and now I am blessed with a group of inspiring, supportive women in my life. Zumba fitness has completely changed my life! I started out uncertain and shy and ended up leading others!”



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