You HAVE To See ‘Cars 3’ – Here’s Why

We’ll go ahead and admit it: we love the ‘Cars’ movies! The Disney franchise never fails to delight or entertain us, and we have a feeling that newly-released ‘Cars 3’ will be everybody’s favorite movie in the series for one very specific and very groovin’ reason.

Watch Zumba artist J Perry talk about his hit song ‘Bouje’ which has been a Zumba class favorite for years. It exploded onto the scene and led to performances at various events and even a music video which was filmed at the Zumba Instructor Convention one year. To date, it’s still a song everyone loves to dance to in Zumba classes around the world. And now, J Perry reveals the ‘Bouje’ connection with Disney’s ‘Cars’ movies (psssst – you’re going to want to dance)!



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