Ricky Martin Makes Us Dance, Dance, Dance!

We’re going crazy for Ricky Martin and we don’t care who knows it! If you haven’t heard, Ricky is giving licensed Zumba® Instructors the chance to perform their original choreography LIVE on his stage!! Seeing the amazing submissions that have come in is making us want to dance along to Ricky all week long. Check out these choreography videos that we’re loving and put your moves on display in a Zumba® class today:

1. Ricky Martin (ft. Pitbull) – “Mr. Put It Down”

In class, in your living room, or on the street – it’s just as fun anywhere you do it! 


2. Ricky Martin – “Adiós”

Say “Hola!” to this hip-shaker 


3. Ricky Martin – “Un, Dos, Tres, Maria”

Ok, can we be invited to this party?!


4. Ricky Martin – “Vida”

Like the song says, vamos todos a bailar!



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