It’s Reggaeton Time! Dance To Hot New Track ‘Duro Y Suave’

When you hit the dance floor to shake away your day, you don’t go lightly, do you? No. Chances are, you hit that floor hard and leave everything behind when your hour of freedom is over. After all, there is no better mood booster than dancing like crazy. One rhythm that never fails to put us in that dance mindset is reggaeton – it is fast-paced, up-tempo, and definitely attention grabbing. So here’s a new reggaeton song for you to bust a move to!

Check out ‘Duro Y Suave’ (aka hard and soft) by Dominican-American songstress Leslie Grace, featuring Puerto Rican artist Noriel. Even though Grace has a sweet voice when she sings, ‘Duro Y Suave’ will have you whipping out your most fierce dance moves.

Just above, check out the official Zumba® choreography to ‘Duro Y Suave’, taught by Zumba Education Specialists™ Sandra Harnes and Vicky Zagarra. Then, ask your instructor to play the full version in your next Zumba class – they can download it off of ZIN 73!

What are you waiting for? Go show that dance floor who’s boss!


Susan Perez

Susan Perez is the Managing Editor of the ZLife blog and you can usually find her getting her sass on to Beyonce's 'Formation' in Zumba class; other loves include eating popcorn while watching 'The Voice', singing [really badly] at the top of her lungs while driving, and wearing red lipstick.



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