Do More Push-Ups Than You Thought You Could In This #SBZChallenge

If you’re a fan of STRONG by Zumba® classes, then you already know that the non-dance, high-intensity class is designed to push you past your limits. You probably didn’t know you were capable of doing so many burpees, squats, and punches in one single class. The fact that each of those moves is synchronized to a beat definitely helps to hit that mark and leave you feeling amazing (albeit breathless) at the end of 60 minutes.

So, are you ready to take on the latest #SBZChallenge? In Quadrant 1, the STRONG by Zumba exclusive song ‘Invasion’ pumps you up for the rest of class. But it also tests you and motivates you to complete 16 push-ups in one single song. Yes, 16! Easier said than done. Just ahead, these people show you that they’re up for it. Are you game? Take the #SBZChallenge and tag @strongbyzumba on IG – you might just be featured on our feed.