How This Program is Changing Childhood Education

Have you taken a Zumba® class and wished for something similar that you could do with your baby? If so, you’ve got to try Zumbini – a fun, early childhood education program for kids up to four years of age. Zumbini offers learning through singing, dancing, and playing, with original music made by Grammy-nominated producers. Created by Zumba, this program is designed for parents and their children, so it provides a wonderful opportunity for bonding time.

And now, Zumbini has teamed up with BabyFirst TV (the only network dedicated to creating developmentally-appropriate content for babies and toddlers). They are spending $14 million in media to grow awareness of the program and bring another version of Zumbini to homes across the U.S.

Having launched just this month, BabyFirst TV will offer “Zumbini Time”, a shortened, at-home version of a live Zumbini class that will air three times a day, every day. So play-and-bonding-time is more accessible than ever.

It’s no surprise that Zumba has found a way to create a program that makes childhood education fun, just like Zumba classes have made fitness fun. But what is, perhaps, surprising? The CEO and CMO behind Zumbini: two young, millennial guys with a passion for entrepreneurship.

Meet Jonathan Beda and David Perlman.

“We are really excited about Zumbini because we feel that we’re fulfilling a need that exists in the ‘mommy and me’ space,” says Beda. “This class promotes significant development for the child, but it’s still fun for the parent. The fun factor has been missing, and that’s what Zumba as a company does best.”

Perlman echoes this statement, saying, “it’s great to hear moms say ‘We love Zumbini’, rather than just their daughter or son loving it. Another popular one we hear often from moms is ‘Zumbini music is the only thing that plays in my car.’ It’s awesome to hear that.”

Aside from creating an important educational and bonding experience for families, Beda and Perlman are also passionate about helping entrepreneurial instructors succeed. All of their marketing efforts, and especially the partnership with BabyFirst TV, exist to help drive people to Zumbini classes, which ultimately helps instructors succeed.

“We’ve gotten to know the Zumbini instructors very well and really admire their passion and drive to grow the program,” says Beda. “David and I speak to instructors directly. We really are committed to giving them what they need.”

As Perlman puts it, “What’s better than a happy, dancing baby?”

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Susan Perez

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