Periko & Jessi Leon, a Happy Accident.

You could say that Latin Grammy nominated group Periko & Jessi Leon was born from a “happy accident.” Before the duo joined forces Periko & Jessi Leon were working as solo artists. Periko, was experimenting with the Merengue Urbano genre; Jessi was belting out Rock Pop ballads.

Periko’s songs caught the ear of Zumba music producers, and it wasn’t long before his hits like, “Me Enamoro de Su Piel,” were included on Zumba Instructor Network CD’s and played in Zumba classes around the world. Periko recalled pushing himself to explore new styles, “Zumba really inspired me to expand creatively and work with different music genres.”  The soulful artist challenged himself to test out new rhythms, working with great Zumba music producers like Javier Soto to create Salsa, Cumbia and Techno Merengue tunes.

Jessi Leon was also working with Zumba to create songs for Zumba Instructor Network CD’s when she had a chance encounter with Periko while both singing as solo artists at a café in Miami Beach. Immediately recognizing the chemistry in their voices, the two joined forces to produce “Me Vuelvo Loco,” the Zumba instructor favorite found on Zumba Instructor Network CD, Mega Mix 41, and they haven’t turned back since.



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