Overcoming Public Speaking One Move at a Time

“My career as a Business Transformation Project Manager for the Finance Department at Massachusetts General Hospital requires me to often attend boardroom meetings and give presentations. It was the worst feeling for me because I’d get crazy stage fright and feel butterflies in my stomach. It’s something I tried very hard to overcome and I’d find myself turning on music and dancing, as it would help me balance my stress.

One day it hit me. Dancing is one thing I have so much passion towards and can do with confidence. So, I decided to become a licensed Zumba Instructor. Teaching twice a week and instructing a room full of people made me comfortable with performing and speaking. I came to realize that people are people, regardless of whether they are in a classroom or a boardroom. Just like I’m competent and confident in my Zumba classes, I am confident in my career, so there is no reason to get intimidated.

I don’t think I realized the full impact that my passion for dance would have on me. The Zumba program is more than just teaching and changing other people’s lives. It’s changed MY life. And I can now get up in front of any size audience, in front of all types of people, and give a speech. It feels gratifying, and it feels amazing.”

-Armine Hovhannissian; licensed Zumba® Instructor; her confidence level is through the roof and she’s no longer afraid to speak in public

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