No More Medication!

At 46, Amilcar was 289 pounds and suffered from HBP, diabetes mellitus type II, abnormal liver function, sleep apnea, joint disease and low self-esteem. Trying to cope with taking so many medications and sticking to a diet was frustrating; but after seeing a picture of himself, he realized nothing was really making a difference. Amilcar felt he was crashing into death. He had a beautiful family, a loving wife and three wonderful daughters to live for. So, he decided to do something different.


Having tried low carb diets, HCG and other fads, Amilcar saw some changes, but was not able to maintain the results. He decided to join a gym with his family and began his first Zumba class, taking a spot in the back of the room.


“My confidence was low and I felt like the ‘fat guy’ in the crowd, but saw results quickly. The first 20 pounds came off and my energy skyrocketed,” he recalled.

Today, he has lost 120 pounds, and no longer needs to take any medication!


“I only take multivitamins, calcium and an antacid. My diabetes, HBP, sleep apnea and joint pain are gone!”


Amilcar credits the Zumba program for helping him become a different person physical and mentally. “Because of Zumba fitness, I now have a larger group of friends and an extended family. We share a common passion that makes us all healthier, happier and more driven.”



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