No Diets Worked!

At 230 pounds, Kerri was devastated that her weight had spiraled out of control, but she knew she had to do something. After trying every diet known to man, she thought to herself, “let me try this Zumba workout.” Kerri walked into class clueless, and walked out a believer. “I couldn’t make it through the entire class but did what I could,” Kerri recalled.

After regularly attending classes, the pounds came off. Kerri dropped 35 pounds in no time. She finally found something that worked.

Soon after discovering Zumba fitness, Kerri’s husband was transferred to Mississippi for work. When investigating her new hometown, she discovered that there were no Zumba classes at her new gym and was devastated. “I was so afraid that I would gain all my weight back,” Kerri recounted.

Without much hesitation, Kerri’s husband paid for her Zumba training so she could become licensed to teach at the gym in their town.  Kerri nailed her audition. Progressing from a Zumba student to a Zumba instructor, Kerri’s weight loss quickly doubled from 35 pounds to 70 pounds in just a year!

“My first Zumba classes with Adam Bell changed my life! His passion and genuine care for his students is amazing! I hope to inspire other people the same way that Adam inspired me through this amazing program.”



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