New Music Coming To Your Favorite Zumba® Class

Do you remember that feeling back in the day when you would go to a music store, buy a new CD, unwrap it, and get hooked on the hits? We kinda feel that way every time we go to a Zumba® class. That hour long dance party is full of new songs that you can’t really hear anywhere else! That’s reason enough to go to class on a regular basis.

As an instructor who is a member of the Zumba Instructor Network (ZIN™), you can receive all this exclusive music and choreography monthly in the form of ZIN volumes. And if you’ve been following us, you know that ZIN 70 (most recent ZIN Volume) is chock full of amazing, dance-worthy hits. This week, we bring you an exclusive cumbia track, called ‘Cumbia De La Gaita’. Get ready to fall in love with the sounds of guitars, accordions, and percussions that make cumbia rhythms so hot. If this doesn’t get you dancing, please check your pulse! Check out the choreography and then ask your instructor to play it in your next Zumba® class. (ZINs – head to ZIN Now to download the full song and choreography). You’re welcome!



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