New Month, New Music To Dance To!

Wake up, wake up, it’s the first of the month! We consider the beginning of each month a fresh start and there are few things fresher than a hot new jam to add to your playlist. Dancing really is the ultimate way to relieve stress and it only helps when the song you’re dancing to is fast-paced, uptempo, and tries really hard to get you to work up a sweat.

So check out this Vallenato/Electronic song by B.I.P., called ‘Cumbia Pa Goza!’. It was made to have a ton of fun! Zumba Education Specialists™ Sandra Harnes and Vicky Zagarra show you the official Zumba® choreography to this track, but you can dance to the full version in a live Zumba® class (trust us, it’s way more fun when you are surrounded by a group of people who just want to have a good time). 

Try it out and ask your Zumba Instructor to download the full song and choreography off of ZIN 73!

Happy dancing!



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