Need A Side Hustle? Make Extra Income as a Zumba® Instructor!

Whether it’s to get you through the holidays or to save up for a winter vacation, many people consider working a side job at this time of year. A good side job, also known as a gig, a side hustle, or contract work, should allow you to use your skills to make extra money on a flexible schedule. This form of work isn’t just about money, either – a side job can be a great way to grow your network or build new skills.

If you’re thinking about taking on a side job for any of these reasons, you should consider becoming a Zumba® Instructor! As an instructor, you get PAID to:

  • Help people get a good work out and improve their health
  • Bring a positive, party atmosphere to others around you
  • Give back through charity and community events
  • Shimmy, shake, and drop it low – in other words, HAVE FUN!

As a Zumba Instructor, you set your own hours and determine when and where to work. In some cases, you’ll determine how much you charge per class, how many students you’ll have, and other details. You can work as little as one hour per week, or you can build a full-time career (according to McKinsey, about 45% of people who work as independent contractors make their full-time living this way!). As an instructor, you can get all the benefits of being your own boss while getting resources and support like music, choreography, marketing help, and more.

We asked instructors how teaching Zumba has served them as a side job, and we heard amazing stories from mothers, retirees, corporate employees who need a change of pace, and do-gooders who wanted to give back to their communities:

I was a full-time graduate student and I left my job to focus on finishing school. I was backed up on bills and in a rut. I always wanted to become an instructor, not only as part of my hustle but because it changed my life. Becoming an instructor has made me realize purpose.

– Chinequia, Connecticut  

I’m not going to lie. I became an instructor to avoid paying for classes because I loved Zumba® so much that I was spending too much money on classes! Once I taught my first class, my “why” became more focused on inspiring others than saving a buck or two.

– Rhia, Alaska

I went to law school and have done research as a law librarian for 15 years. The job is really challenging and I needed more “action” in my life since I’m sitting down all day. I started with one hour a week, now I’m up to four hours a week. Is it challenging at times? Yep. Would I change anything? Nope!

– Maggie, Germany

When I retired after 33 years in education, I knew I had to do something to stay active physically. And, as a grandmother of five I know my health is important so I can remain actively involved in my grandchildren’s lives. I teach a few days a week to remain active, so it’s not about the money… although I appreciate it!

– Peggy, Colorado

Ready to make money and change lives? Find out how you can become a Zumba® instructor today!


Jennifer Lauren

Jennifer Lauren is a Zumba® instructor from New York. She blogs about teaching Zumba® classes and all things fitness at



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