My Wife is My Hero

“I want to tell you about my wife and amazing partner of 20 years, Lizy Gipson. She is the oldest of 11 and helped to raise her younger sisters and brothers, not so much by choice, but out of need. When she finally moved out of her house, it was into an abusive relationship. Thankfully, she escaped with her children and we met a few years later. We’ve spent the last 20 years doing for others what we always wanted done for us as children. Liz has opened our home to more kids than I can count, all homeless and in need of love and support. We’ve converted our garage into a safe room for youth who have nowhere else to turn. Liz is the most selfless person I’ve ever met and she has given so, so much in her life, never asking for anything in return. Needless to say, we’ve focused so much on others that five years ago we found ourselves very unhealthy and in the danger zone as far as weight goes. Liz is just 5’2 and she was nearing 240 pounds and wearing a size 24. We reached a point where we weren’t feeling good about ourselves and we needed to do something to make ourselves happy.

One fateful night, she discovered Zumba classes at our local YMCA and she was completely smitten. She loved the feeling of going to class and went as often as possible. Before she knew it, she was down to a size 12 and beaming with pride! A fellow student encouraged her to become a licensed Zumba Instructor, and she’s worked super hard to build a class of loyal students.

Liz has done more than anyone could ever have imagined. She has dropped over 100 pounds and into a size 4. She is so strong and has more stamina than anyone I know. And not only has she transformed her own life, but she’s changed every life in our household. Liz set a goal and blasted it out of the water and I have never been more proud of her. She is the most deserving soul I have ever had the pleasure of residing in the shadow of.”

-Rob Gipson, loving and supportive husband to licensed Zumba® Instructor Lizy Gipson, who has changed his life in more ways than he can count

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