The Must-Follow Fitstagrammers Who Just Trained in STRONG by Zumba®

As new non-dance, high-intensity, music-led exercise program STRONG by Zumba® picks up steam, more and more people are taking notice. Athletes, fitness fans, and fitness influencers are taking classes, feeling the burn, and pushing themselves past their limits. And one group of elite fitstagrammers is taking it to the next level by becoming licensed to actually teach STRONG by Zumba classes!

You probably already know, follow, and love these fitness superheroes (and if you don’t, get on it!): Lauren Abraham, Natalie Jill, Kaisa Keranen, Ron Boss Everline, Michelle Lewin, Brittne Babe, Theresa De Pasquale, and Valeria Orsini teamed up with Zumba to promote the STRONG by Zumba program and spend the day with Lead Master Trainer Ai Lee Syarief for a formal training in Miami, Florida.

These new instructors will be documenting their journey on social media, so follow along and try STRONG by Zumba for yourself. We bet you’ll find your own inner superhero by the end of that hour.