This Month, We Celebrate Women Around The World

thumbs_2Describe yourself in one word. Passionate? Driven? Energetic? Quirky? Now, try this one on for size: Woman. While the word ‘woman’ is technically a noun that describes an adult female, we feel that that word encompasses so much more. We’re living in a time where women’s voices are louder than ever before and we’re choosing to celebrate that power.

International Women’s Day is Thursday, March 8th and it’s a time to recognize the political, economic, and social impact and achievement that women around the world are experiencing. And over here, we’re celebrating those successes throughout the entire month of March.

Being a Woman is so much more than just associating with a gender. It means being a strong mother, sister, colleague, best friend. It means standing up for what we believe in. It means being a boss in life, in whatever way is meaningful to you. Whether that’s a boardroom or a home, being a woman means having the freedom to choose. It means lifting each other up and supporting those around us. It means being your own superhero.

Meghan Trainor recently embraced girl power by partnering with Zumba for the release of her latest single, ‘No Excuses’. She had the following to say about the all-female dance squad:

And the powerhouse female dance squad? They also have some things to say about what makes a strong woman:



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