Our Mission: How Zumba® Love Is Making A Difference In 2021

Every Zumba® class is not only a place of celebration, but also inclusivity. Where happiness is not only a priority, but a right. It’s in this spirit of love and inclusivity that the Zumba® Love philanthropic platform was created nearly 10 years ago. Zumba® Love’s mission and responsibility is to channel the joy and positivity that millions of people feel every day in Zumba classes around the world into charitable initiatives that raise funds and awareness for causes important to our global community.

Since its inception, the Zumba® Love platform has raised well over $7.5 million dollars benefiting causes such as:

Susan G. Komen | Breast Cancer Foundation 

Augie’s Quest | Our Quest to Find A Cure For ALS

Soaring Words | The Power To Heal

The Global FoodBanking Network | Powering Communities for Zero Hunger

CARE Elementary | Christian Academy for Reaching Excellence

NAACP | National Association for the Advancement of Colored People

World Food Programme | Save Lives By Giving Food Today

World Vision | The Power To Choose In A Child’s Hands

GlobalGiving Foundation | Connects Nonprofits, Donors and Companies

Fundacion Pies Descalzos | We Walk Together To Turn the Present of Education Into A Better Future

Habitat For Humanity | Help Build A Better World Where Everyone Has A Decent Place To Call Home

Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund | Relief Efforts to Aid the Victims of the Flooding

Best Buddies | Friendship, Jobs, Leadership Development & Living

Kids, Inc. | Making the Impossible Possible, #KidPossible

Launch Code Foundation | Land Your Dream Job in Tech

Khushi Foundation Nepal | Relief and Rehabilitation for Earthquake Victims of Nepal

Fundación Caritas San Marón I.A.P. | SERVIR CON AMOR

Feeding America | The fight to end hunger in communities nationwide

And more!

There’s no doubt that the energy and passion of our Zumba Instructor Network (ZIN™) and Zumba fans worldwide are the true heart of Zumba® Love. And coming from a year filled with so much adversity, raw emotions, and struggle, it’s only right that we all continue to use our voices and resources to drive change in causes near and dear to us all. In 2021, our new efforts will focus on:

  • Racial equality and justice, and opportunities for our Black communities around the world.
  • Equality for women around the world, with a focus on women’s role in music and arts. 
  • Support for equality and acceptance for our LGBTQIA+ community.
  • Raising awareness around the importance of recognition of mental health, and mental health illness and issues. 
  • Recognizing members of the community who are doing the work on the ground and in their communities to make a change.

We are humbled and excited to continue sparking conversation and working with our global Zumba community to make a true difference. And don’t worry- we’ll also be continuing our support of Party in Pink™ and Augie’s Quest throughout the year. Be on the lookout for more information about specific updates to Zumba® Love initiatives shortly!



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