From Meeting as Teens to a Dance Floor Proposal

This month, we’re highlighting the incredible stories of instructors, students and fans in the Zumba® community, starting with Zumba® Jammer Jose Rodriguez and Zumba® student Miguel Alcantara. From meeting as teens to a dance floor proposal, this is one Q&A you definitely gotta read!

How did you two meet?
Jose: Our story started in our teen years. We were both in confirmation class. Miguel was in his first year while I was in my second year. One day, my teacher was absent and both classes had to be merged. I was the kind of student who would ask questions non-stop, while Miguel would roll his eyes at the sight of me… funny how quickly our roles reversed. Fast forward to a couple of months later when I was getting ready to teach my Zumba class & Miguel showed up in the studio with a common friend. I couldn’t quite remember where exactly I recognized him from, but Miguel remembered. After that day, Miguel spent the whole summer coming to my Zumba classes. Later, I found out he asked his mom for the car every week in order to attend class, and he spent every last cent in his wallet to make sure he was there.

What was your first impression of your partner?
Jose: Well honestly I didn’t quite notice him. I just thought he really liked Zumba.
Miguel: I thought he was stunning, but annoying.

What is your favorite song to dance to together?
Jose: There are so many songs that we love to dance together, but if we had to pick, they would be “Sunday Morning” by Maroon 5, “Los Infieles” by Aventura and “Take on Me” from ZIN™ 43.

What does it mean to see your significant other in a Zumba® class?
Jose: Seeing Miguel in class truly makes me happy. His presence reminds me of our beginnings and shows me that not only does he support me, but cares about what I do. Miguel is always there whenever he can be. He’s my DJ, my photographer, my videographer, my front desk worker, my dance partner, my muse and truly my favorite person.

Miguel: Seeing Jose in class makes me happy because he’s so happy in his element. His growth as an instructor makes me proud, and I especially love how he makes his students smile when he teaches.

Describe your favorite attribute about your partner?
Jose: Miguel has so many attributes that I admire. He’s a natural caregiver. He’s always there for anyone who needs help. He’s patient. He’s such a fun person to be around because of how he makes people laugh. He can make anyone around him burst out laughing with his eloquence and sense of humor. He’s a family guy who has the biggest heart.

 Miguel: Physical? Just kidding! His dedication is definitely inspiring because he’s always working on his personal growth and mentoring others to grow, either in their Zumba career or in other aspects of life.

How did Zumba® help you with your personal journey?
Jose: Zumba has been part of our journey from the very beginning. Besides our love for each other, Zumba has been a constant in our relationship. It has been such an integral part of our lives that in October of 2019, Miguel gathered our family and friends, and proposed in the very same room where he took my class for the first time.



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