Meet Aisha

Meet Aisha – a popstar from Japan who has a love for Zumba® classes! She recently collaborated with Zumba® creator Beto Perez for her latest single, ‘Make Love’, and sat down with ZLife to answer a few quick questions! Check out the music video below and read on to get to know this fiery star!

How did you get your start as a singer?

Aisha: My mother was a singer and dancer and my father was a trombone player who actually toured with Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder, so I’ve been in and out of studios since I was a little girl. I grew up listening to powerful singers like Chaka Khan, Diana King, and Cheryl Lynn and I really wanted to become an artist myself. I sang at my mom’s college reunion when I was 16 and my agent happened to be in that crowd listening. He took me to every single record label and we eventually signed with BMG (now Sony) because we had instant chemistry!

ZLife: What was it like working with Beto Perez?

Aisha: From the moment we met, he gave me such a warm, sweet hug and his aura was just so positive and kind. He’s always encouraging me to keep my Japanese pride, which made me want to work hard to create a song together, or as Beto says “chugether”. Beto showed up to the music shoot in his amazing cars and actually told me to sit on the bumper!! I love it. He showed such a passion and interest in helping me with this song and video. It’s truly an honor to work with such an inspiring man!

ZLife: What do you think of Zumba classes?

Aisha: The thing is, it doesn’t even look like a workout. It looks like a party with positive vibes and good people. I’ve never seen anything like it and I’m hooked.

ZLife: Tell us your 3 favorite Zumba songs to dance to in a class.

Aisha: Shut Up and DanceCrazy Love, and Make Love (of course, hehe!)



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