Maluma ‘Borro Cassette’ + Zumba® Choreography

Ever have a night you just want to forget? That’s exactly what superstar Colombian reggaeton sensation Maluma sings about on his latest track ‘Borro Cassette’. Luckily for us, we won’t soon forget the smooth beats and sultry sounds on this hit and, if we actually had a cassette, we’d be hitting rewind over and over! After all, there’s a reason why Maluma has more than 11 million Instagram followers (and growing) – he knows how to sing his way right into our hearts. Remember his infectious hit ‘El Tiki’ which you all danced to in Zumba classes worldwide? Well, check out this new choreo for ‘Borro Cassette’ by NTM Chile and take it to a Zumba® class near you!



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