The Makeup Products You Need in Your Gym Bag

Not everybody is super comfortable ditching their makeup for a gym session. Maybe a pop of color on your lips helps you walk into Zumba® class with confidence. Or the perfect cat-eye might make you feel better, so you’ll push yourself harder. Whatever your reason for wearing makeup to work out, we’re not here to judge! In fact, we are here to help.

The team behind Zumba® Wear has created Zumba Beauty: a line of makeup products designed to sweat in. They’ve been tested in and out of class and are perfect for a dance session or for a night out on the town. Think lipsticks in flattering shades, liquid eyeliner, metallic eyeshadow, and even fun nail colors that effortlessly complement your Zumba Wear looks.

Watch the video to learn more and share your best selfies using #ZumbaBeauty.