Magic Mike Alert! How Celebrating Your Zumba Moves Can Make You Feel Like a Movie Star

While Magic Mike is heating up screens at movie theaters across the country, you guys are heating up dance floors around the world. We’re here to applaud your Zumba® moments and life moments, no matter how big or small.

Zumba fans, listen up! Channing Tatum – he’s not just eye candy. He knows a thing or two about busting a move to celebrate a job well done. How many of you can relate to these irresistible triumphant moments that can happen every day?   

1. Express Yourself
That moment when you feel like a Front Row Diva. Like Madonna said, “Strike a pose, there’s nothing to it!”.     

2. Nail That Turn
For those “I Got This” moments. Like the first time your Zumba instructor calls you on stage and you totally rock the choreo. JLo, watch out.


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3. Dance Anytime, Anywhere
When the mood strikes and you just can’t fight it. Let It Move You™.      


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4. Get Your Vibe On Like A Champ
When you finally nail that booty pop and you’re just feelin’ yourself.


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5. Lead The Pack 
When you look so good that your whole squad wants to move like you – hello, Queen B! No matter where your day takes you, channel your inner Channing and bust a move – you deserve it. 



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