I Lost Myself When I Lost My Mom

“I went through a lot at the age of 26 when I lost my mom. She lost her battle against cancer and it was a very depressing phase of my life. The anxiety and depression I had led me to have a very unhealthy life. I gained over 60 pounds in less than a year and suffered from high blood pressure, but I was okay with it because I had no self-esteem. I did not care about anything other than eating. I had no friends. I had no life. I had no desire to dress nicely and go out.

Soon after, I was invited to take my first Zumba class ever. I immediately connected with the instructor, the music, and the rest of the class participants. I fell in LOVE with the program and with its community. I honestly couldn’t believe that something so simple like dancing could bring back my self-esteem and my happiness. It brought back my desire to live a better life.

Zumba and its people inspired me to change everything. I lost 65 pounds in less than a year and I have been able to keep it off. I feel so blessed to exercise with awesome people who motivate me to be better every single day. And I found my way back to doing things I love, like building my fashion persona.

Living without my mom isn’t easy, but I know she’s proud of the person I’ve come to be.”

– Eddie Otero, thinks of Zumba as his little miracle sent from above

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