Locos Por Juana New Music + Choreo: “Te Quiero Ver”

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Are you ready for this delicious new musical concoction? Zumba teamed up with Miami-formed Latin fusion group Locos Por Juana for new track “Te Quiero Ver” (direct translation: I want to see you), and you can only hear it in a Zumba class! Mix some cumbia with calypso Caribbean beats and top it off with a fast techno hook, and you’ve got a recipe for a heart-pumping tune produced by this Grammy-nominated group. Known for their eclectic style of fusing different cultures and sounds, “Te Quiero Ver” will give you a nice mix of slower and then fast-paced rhythms to get your energy blasting in class.

Students, tell your instructors to go on ZIN Now and they can find this pre-released hot track on ZIN 74. See you on the dance floor! #TeQuieroVer #TequieroverZumba



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