Liam Payne ‘Strip That Down’ + Zumba® Choreography

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Can we just get something off of our chests real quick? While we were totally fans of boy band One Direction, it feels like breaking up was the best thing that ever happened to them. Each of the guys has put out solo material that’s totally making us swoon. And, they’re all so different from one another! We’re just loving watching their solo careers unfold. Case in point: Liam Payne. His hit song ‘Strip That Down’ is SO good, so catchy, and so making us want to dance. Anyone feel some slight Justin Timberlake vibes coming from him? Anyway, check out Zumba® Jammer Natalie Chan‘s choreography to ‘Strip That Down’ and ask your instructor to play it in your next class (although, we recommend remaining fully-clothed for that!).



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