Let’s Talk About Cumbia

Now that you know more about Salsa, it’s time to learn about Cumbia!

Where it’s from

Cumbia’s origins date back to the days of Spanish colonization and slavery in Columbia, where it was shaped by native instruments like the gaita flute and the guacharaca (a long wooden tube played by scratching it with metal to create percussion sounds). The rhythm spread through Latin America during the 19th and 20th centuries.

Famous artists

Many people remember Selena as the queen of Tejano music, but her family band, Kumbia Kings, is among the most well-known artists delivering cumbia beats (mashed up with hip hop and other genres). Expand your collection with El Hijo de la Cumbia and La Sonora Dinamita.

Why we love it

Cumbia brings together Latin, African, and European sounds and is the perfect melting pot of different cultures. We love the cumbia moves, too – nothing like doing a hip-poppin’ sleepy leg to feel sassy on the dance floor!

Check out these crews enjoying their cumbia moves!

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Jennifer Lauren

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