Lady Gaga Won The Super Bowl

The Big Game was yesterday and we just have one thing to say: Lady Gaga was the MVP!! The mega pop superstar truly knows how to put on a memorable performance, and this one was the cherry on top!


During the 13-minute performance, she flew (yes, FLEW) across the arena, she played the keytar, she played the piano, she sang hit after hit (‘Poker Face’, ‘Born This Way’, ‘Telephone’, ‘Just Dance’, ‘Million Reasons’, and ‘Bad Romance’), and she did it all while fiercely dancing non-stop without any hint that she may run out of breath (um, hello lungs of steel).


We love her professionalism, her grace, her strong sense of character, and above all else, her talent! We’re suddenly inspired to take a Lady Gaga-themed Zumba® class. Anyone else feel the same?



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