Kudos to Quinoa: March's Grain of the Month

What is it? Surprise! Though it’s been called the mother of all grains, quinoa is actually a seed. And another surprise: it’s gluten-free. Easy to prepare and packed with fiber, quinoa also provides all nine essential amino acids, so it’s a protein powerhouse. Here’s the lowdown on this time-tested food that has been considered sacred throughout the ages.
Where can I get it? Everywhere. As this ancient food of the Incas has gained in popularity across North America, it’s no longer limited to local health food stores. You can find it at all traditional grocery stores. It comes in a rainbow of colors, but you’re most likely to see red, black and white.
How can I incorporate it into meals? The possibilities are endless. Its nutty flavor is a nice complement to any recipe. Eat it as a breakfast cereal and top with cinnamon and fresh fruit; toss it into salads; mix it into burgers; substitute it for noodles in pasta dishes, including lasagna; create quinoa “cakes” with veggies or throw it in some savory soups. Use as a substitute for rice or potatoes, and keep in mind that it works well as a main or side dish!
Are there other reasons I should try it? As if you need more, but yes. Considering its amazing health benefits and its myriad of uses, you can even find it in shampoo. Quinoa can completely recharge your lifestyle. 

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