J. Balvin ‘Machika’ ft. Jeon and Anitta

J. Balvin fans, get on your feet! You’re probably not even tired of dancing to ‘Mi Gente‘ yet (we aren’t), but this Colombian reggaeton legend just gave us another smash hit to make us go wild. Introducing ‘Machika’, a jam that’s making us shake our hips from the very first note. Featuring Brazilian star Anitta and reggaeton singer Jeon, the video that goes along with ‘Machika’ is giving off major futuristic vibes. But we aren’t waiting for the future to get our dance on – we’re heading to a Zumba® class to dance to ‘Machika’ right now! Check out Zumba Jammer Alessandro Belleti’s choreography to ‘Machika’ and then go to class and do it yourself!



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