It’s April – What Happened to my Fitness Goals?

It’s been a few months since we all set our New Year’s resolutions. Despite the best intentions, sticking to fitness goals is tough, and come April most of us have abandoned the ideas that sounded so promising on January 1st. But, good news: we have tips to help you set and achieve your fitness goals that will reignite your motivation and get you to the finish line.

1. Make sure your goals are SMART.
No, we’re not talking about graduated-from-Harvard smart. SMART stands for specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound. So instead of “I’m going to lose 50 pounds!”, a SMART goal might be “By June 30th, I’m going to lose 5% of my body weight by eating more vegetables and adding 2 more weekly workouts to my routine.” You want to give yourself a clear benchmark, a deadline, and a roadmap to get there.

2. Fuel your body properly.
One of the most common mistakes we make when setting fitness goals is thinking that eating less is always better… but this inevitably leads to your body thinking its starving and shutting down your metabolism, or hitting a wall and binge eating. Before you find yourself tearing through sleeves of cookies, do your research to learn more about how you should eat to meet your goals, and consider talking to a nutritionist who can help you find the right diet plan for you.

3. Make it social.
There’s nothing like having a support system to keep you motivated. If you feel comfortable, share your SMART goal with a trusted friend or family member. You might also find a workout buddy, or a group of friends committed to getting fit at say, a local Zumba® class! Your companions will help keep you accountable and make your fitness journey a lot more fun.

4. Do it for you.
Even while you’re using your social circle for support, you have to want to achieve your goals for reasons that matter to you. If you’re doing it for someone else, it’s not going to stick. Try writing out why you’re training for that half marathon or cleaning up your diet, and make sure your motivation comes from within.

5. Pay attention to detail.
Little actions add up to big results. Try making small changes like drinking a few extra glasses of water, taking vitamins, or replacing dessert with fruit – these easy things will help accelerate progress. Don’t forget to acknowledge small wins, too – being able to deadlift an extra 5 pounds or feeling more comfortable in your jeans is worth celebrating!

What’s your best advice for sticking to your health goals?

Jennifer Lauren is a Zumba® instructor from New York. She blogs about teaching Zumba® classes and all things fitness at You can follow her on Facebook or Twitter.


Jennifer Lauren

Jennifer Lauren is a Zumba® instructor from New York. She blogs about teaching Zumba® classes and all things fitness at



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