It’s All About The Music

Music is so important to Zumba®, and that’s why we continue investing more and more resources into creating unique music, and collaborating with up-and-coming and award-winning artists and producers to provide the hottest music to rock your classes!

ZIN™ Volume 66, coming in December, is no exception. It’s packed with hot new music that isn’t even available yet on iTunes and Spotify, like “Firehouse” by Play-N-Skillz feat. Daddy Yankee! In addition to Zumba® Pre-Release songs and other hits, ZIN™ Volume 66 also has a Zumba® Exclusive called “Lúcete En La Disco,” a Moombahton track (remember Pachanga?!) that is only available to ZIN™ Members for an exclusive period of time. Ensuring that ZIN™ Members have the best, most current and exclusive music to share with their students is so important.

“When a student comes into your class and dances to an incredible song, they want to hear it over and over again! Those hot songs are exclusive to Zumba and now your class becomes the place to get the latest hits from Shakira, Pitbull, Daddy Yankee or other chart-topping artists. We want to make sure ZIN™ Members have it first,” says Sergio Minski, Zumba’s award-winning Music Director.

Check out these clips of “Lúcete En La Disco” and “Firehouse,” and get ready for ZIN™ Volume 66!

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