I’m Done Being Negative

“There’s a quote that has always resonated with me. It goes something like this, ‘What screws us up most in life is the picture in our heads of how life is supposed to be’. If you asked me when I was 5 what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would have enthusiastically said, ‘Barbie!!!’ When I was 10, I wanted to be a dancer. I wanted to be a teacher at 15 and somewhere between then and 20 all I wanted to be was rich. When I started to get sick, and when my lung function got down to 30%, it was like I could hear glass shattering as each dream collapsed. But in my head, I’m done giving in to this disease. I’m done being negative. I’m done seeing myself as ‘sick’ and ‘dying’. So, sure, I’m still waiting for that mansion, pink convertible, and husband. But my dreams of being a dancer have come true.”

– Klyn Elsbury, 28, born with Cystic Fibrosis. Has been a licensed Zumba® Instructor for one year.

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