I’m 48 But I Feel 25!

“For 21 years, I have run a group daycare out of my home. In June of 2014, a family gave me a photo of myself with their children to thank me for all I had done for them. And seeing myself in that photo was definitely a defining moment for me. I realized I had to do something to get my health and weight under control. I’m 48 now and didn’t want diabetes and other health issues that come with getting older and being overweight.

At 239 pounds, it was hard to walk into a Zumba class, but I was always welcomed and made to feel part of the class. I absolutely love how the classes energize me. Dancing is a fun way to incorporate exercise into my routine five days per week – I’m addicted! I’ve recently started taking STRONG by Zumba classes twice a week as well and my body is becoming more defined and toned. I can’t wait to continue to see the results.

This is the first time in my life that I feel like I can honestly say that I’m in control of my weight and I have an exercise plan and regimen that’s going to keep the weight off for good. I feel 20 years younger!”

– Lisa Trombley, addicted to Zumba® classes and STRONG by Zumba; has lost 82 pounds through the classes

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