I Had To Change My Life… So I Did!

When trying to make a change in your life, it’s important to know that getting there is the first step. Just ask Melissa Burton of Lebanon, Tennessee. Facing serious health challenges and unable to keep off weight, Melissa found herself looking for a change in her day-to-day life.

“I was extremely overweight. I was on diabetes medicine and high blood pressure medicine” says Melissa. “I had to change my life… So I did.”

And change, she did. Besides trying to fit in four to five Zumba® classes a week, Melissa also began drinking Zumba Shake Shake Shake® at least twice a day, replacing both her breakfast and her post-workout nighttime snack. Through this routine, Melissa has lost an amazing 60 pounds as well as almost 50 inches total off of her waist.

Her main inspiration? “Myself and my family, so I’m here longer, and I feel better.”

Melissa also credits her instructor Christi Merritt for always providing inspiration and following up on her progress frequently. “If she didn’t stay on me, I would slack,” Melissa says. “Christi has been so important in my weight-loss journey. I’ve never stuck with anything else this long. She repeatedly motivates me.”

By drinking the shake at night, Melissa has found it helps counteract the soreness she feels after her workouts. She’s also found that her progress has become easier as she slowly became able to shake off unhealthy foods from her diet. Now, she fills her shakes up with healthy treats like strawberries, almond milk, and flax seeds.

Her advice to those looking to get on track with a new routine? “You just have to step out and try it!”

These days, Melissa is ecstatic about the changes she has made to her life and how she feels. “I went from a 3X to a Large” Melissa says. “And I love it!”

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