How To Rock Your First Zumba Convention!

First Convention? Feeling nervous, excited, or all of the above? Here are some tips from some Zumba® Instructor Convention veterans to help you get the most out of this skill-building weekend of Zumba® love.

1. Performance Fuel. Bring snacks to keep you going. Many of the sessions are packed closely together, so make sure you have enough fuel to keep you going strong. “Pick up water bottles, yogurt, fruit, veggies, granola bars, nuts, trail mix, beef jerky and any groceries you will need for lunch and breakfast if you have a fridge in your room,” says Lorena Baretta, ZIN™ Member since 2010.

2. Pace Yourself. “Don’t kill yourself on the dance floor day one! Pace yourself,” says Melissa Petz, ZIN™ Member since 2010. As the old adage goes—“It’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon.” Sessions are full of energy and you will be learning and moving all day. So learn, move and network like the rock-star that you are, but make sure you don’t overdo it on day one!

3. Comfort is Key. Sport your favorite comfy workout clothes, whether it’s your fabulous “So Bootyful Leggings” or your favorite Zumba® cargos. Feel free to “Bring a few pairs of sneakers with you and change them often. That will help your feet!” says Debra Kowaleuski, ZIN™ Member since 2012.

4. Bring a bag…for all that #Zwag. The latest and greatest of Zumba® wear will be available to touch, try on, and fall in love with! Make sure you bring an empty suitcase (or two) for all that Zwag. “Shop early for the best selection- the store opens Wednesday night and that’s when the most sizes and styles will be available. Also, try on new styles.The sizing has changed over the past year—so make sure you find your perfect fit,” says Rachel Petakas, ZIN™ Member since 2012.

5. Safety First. The floors at the Convention Center are carpet, so make sure you plan ahead and bring sneaker slip-ons or carpet gliders. “I swear by them,” notes Emily Presswood, ZIN™ Member since 2012.

6. Stay charged. It’s easy to forget to charge your phone during a packed weekend. “There are outlets at the convention center—so make sure to bring your charger,” recommends Carla Soto, ZIN™ Member since 2011.


7. The Name Game. Meeting so many new fellow ZINTM Members can be exciting and sometimes overwhelming. Here’s a tip on how to remember the names behind those beautiful Zumba® faces. “You will meet soooooo many new ZIN members… but how to remember the names with faces? Snap a pic of their badge if it has a pic on it, or if it doesn’t have them hold it up near their face!” says Melissa Petz, ZIN™ Member since 2010.

8. So fresh and so clean! Prepare to get your sweat on during sessions…all day long. Emily Presswood, ZIN™ Member since 2012, says “Bring a small bottle of sport Febreze to spray…and dryer sheets for shoes and to put in between the sweaty clothes! I also recommend packing plenty of underwear, socks, and sports bras! You can never pack too many!”

9. Get Social. In addition to all your face-to-face networking, stay connected on social media. Photograph your favorite session …and share it! “We’ve created a designated hashtag (#zincon2014) for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. So get your social on,” says Iliana Soto, ZIN™ Member since 2011.

10. Have Fun! You came to learn, move and network…and have some freakin’ fun. Eddie Otero, ZIN™ Member since 2012, says “Make the most of convention and soak up all the great information from the sessions…you came here to take your career to new heights, but make sure you save time for some serious fun!”



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