How to Gain an Income While Losing Pounds

Cynthia Ortega will never forget one of the most mortifying moments in her life. While standing in line with her husband, waiting to order pizza, a little girl pointed in her direction and said, “Look, mom! That’s a big lady!” Everybody heard it and everybody knew whom that little girl was referring to.

She faced serious health issues when she contracted Swine Flu and was unable to fit into an MRI machine. She fell into an induced coma, had to learn to walk and eat again, and was diagnosed with sleep apnea and diabetes.

Having struggled with weight her whole life, Cynthia knew she had reached a breaking point. She had to make a change or risk not being around for her husband and her son. She stumbled across a gym near her home and peeked in to see people taking a Zumba® class.

“It just looked like a lot of fun,” said Cynthia. “And it looked like something I could do.”

Within one month of taking two classes per week, she had lost 30 pounds! That was the beginning of a life-altering transformation, both physically and professionally.

In two years, Cynthia has lost a staggering 230 pounds and has gained newfound confidence that she never knew existed.

“I used to dread going to restaurants because I was afraid I wouldn’t fit in the seat,” says Cynthia. “Now, when my husband takes me out, I don’t have to worry about that. I look in the mirror and I feel great.”

This past summer, Cynthia took her passion for Zumba classes one step further when she became a licensed Zumba Instructor. Her mentor – her own Zumba Instructor up until that point – accompanied her to the exhilarating 8-hour training session that would give Cynthia the tools to inspire, motivate, and teach others.

“If I can do this, anybody and I mean anybody can do it!” says Cynthia. “I love that I can share my experience with my students now and hopefully inspire them to feel confident in their own skin.”

A career as a licensed Zumba Instructor can be extremely rewarding with endless possibilities. It’s your business, you take it where you want to go. If you’re interested in learning more about becoming an instructor, click here.



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