Hot, Original Timbaland Track Just for STRONG by Zumba®

If you’ve taken a STRONG by Zumba® class, then you know that the high-intensity interval training workout places a huge focus on syncing its movements to the beat of original songs, created just for the program. It’s all part of the science behind synced music motivation, which says that when your exercises match the music played, it pushes you to try harder and have a more effective workout.

In STRONG by Zumba, the routines were created first and then producers like Timbaland reverse-engineered the process to create original songs that matched the routines. Unless you’ve taken a class, it might be hard to know exactly what we mean.

Check out one of Timbaland’s original songs ‘We Move The World’, produced specifically for STRONG by Zumba and featuring Indian American songstress Raja Kumari. You’ll get a sneak peek of the routine that drove the creation of ‘We Move The World’. The track, exclusively available for STRONG by Zumba instructors, has an infectious slow pop sound and will ignite your energy to get your heart rate going in the first quadrant of the class. It’s just the motivation you need to get you all the way to the end, through quadrant four!

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