Hot New Music Alert for STRONG by Zumba®

Electronic dance music is synonymous with energy, excitement, and a whole lot of buzz. A track can go from putting you in a trance to exploding with adrenaline in a matter of seconds. Sometimes, an EDM song is so intense that it leaves you a little sweaty, a little breathless, and a little high on life. Something similar can be said about new high-intensity music-led exercise program STRONG by Zumba®.

So, it’s no surprise that many of the songs played in a STRONG by Zumba class fall into the EDM category. And it’s also no surprise that we were dying to work with EDM sister-duo Krewella specifically for our STRONG by Zumba playlist. Fortunately for us, the feeling was mutual.

Jahan and Yasmine Yousaf of Krewella recently created a hit specifically for the class. Titled ‘I Got This’, it’s – you guessed it – explosive and full of energy! Read on to check out what they had to say about creating ‘I Got This’.

ZLife: Why did you decide to create music specifically for a fitness class?

Krewella: Both of us require music when we workout! Whether we’re running, boxing, or lifting, bad-ass, hard-hitting, lyrically powerful music is essential to giving us an extra boost. The opportunity to write for STRONG by Zumba is just so cool, knowing that this will be a song that motivates so many people across the world. It’s incredibly fulfilling to be a part of that.

ZLife: What’s appealing to you about STRONG by Zumba?

Krewella: We’re both constantly working and building our strength, mentally and physically. It’s a lifelong process with ups and downs and sometimes we need programs like this to inspire and motivate us to push our limits and challenge ourselves.

ZLife: How does ‘I Got This’ fit in with music you’re already creating?

Krewella: Our music and shows have always been high energy, emotional, and empowering. We’ve personally heard from our fans that our music is in their workout playlists and has even helped someone lose 100 pounds. Writing ‘I Got This’ came from a natural place in the sense that we were channeling this feeling of overcoming and resilience. We really let go in the writing process. It’s a song that’s meant to get people moving and having fun while working out, so we really embodied that in the studio when we made it. We didn’t second-guess ourselves. We just wrote in a stream of consciousness and kept visualizing people sweating to the song!

Head to a STRONG by Zumba class now to get your heart pumping to Krewella’s ‘I Got This’.