From High School Sweethearts to Zumba® Instructors

Next up in this month’s community highlight series is the story of Zumba® Jammer Tyler Crain-Davis and ZIN™ Member Zac Crain-Davis! Learn more about how these two high school sweethearts met, what song they most like dancing to together, and more in this special Q&A. 

How did you two meet?

Tyler: The two of us were in marching band in high school. It was my birthday and we were on our way home from winning the regionals competition. Some of my friends were talking on the bus about going to a party that some of the band parents set up to celebrate our win. I went back to talk with them about it, but I was not really interested until this blonde haired, blue eyed cutie from the brass section started talking to me and convinced me to go. I went home, got ready and went to the party. The rest, as they say, is history. We started talking every day and on the phone. Two months later he asked me out and we’ve been together since.

Zac: Tyler and I were both members of the marching band in high school. His freshman year we were on our way back from a competition and we ended up sitting together on the bus. I asked him to come to the party that night but he said it wasn’t usually his thing. Later that evening I saw him walk through the door. Two months later we were official.

What was your first impression of your partner?
Tyler: That day that I first talked to him, I was super shy. We didn’t know each other at all, I just knew he was friends with some of my friends. He caught my eye because he was cute and funny.

Zac: On our ride that day I remember him being pretty shy but funny and so freaking cute!

What is your favorite song to dance to together?
Tyler:We Got Love” by Jessica Mauboy. The song reminds us that no matter what is going on we have love and we have each other.

Zac: “We Got Love” by Jessica Mauboy. It represents self-love, empowerment and shared love.  

What does it mean to see your significant other in a Zumba® class?
Tyler: We went to our first Zumba class together, and Zumba has really changed our lives. I love to watch Zac dance. He is so talented as a dancer and as an instructor. He’s also a great co-teaching partner. I know that when the two of us are together for a Zumba class that we’re going to feed off of each other’s energy, have a great time, and we are going to give a class that not only burns calories, but is going to provide laughter and fun.

Zac: We’re a team. Standing next to my partner and dancing has always been a safe space.  We express ourselves through art and education and always have. I am proud of his accomplishments on and off the dance floor and that is why I love our team.

Describe your favorite attribute about your partner?
Tyler: Zac is the most caring person I know. He has helped us build a beautiful network of students and ZIN™ Members that are more than students, they’re family. He organizes Zumbathons, fundraisers and charity events. When anyone has a problem, he is there ready to solve it.

Zac: Commitment. Tyler fully commits to his friends, family, jobs and our life with one another.  

How did Zumba® help you with your personal journey?
Tyler: When we first got into Zumba, we had been unsuccessful in our weight loss journeys. We saw a flyer for it at our local YMCA and decided to try it out. We were students off and on for a couple years and then at the encouragement of a couple of our instructors, we decided to get our Zumba licenses (Zac in May 2011 and me in March 2012). At first we taught at separate locations, but we found that when we were together, not only were we having more fun, we were providing a better experience for our students. Zumba has helped me personally lose 60+ pounds and has helped me build a network of people I can now call a family.

Zac: Coming out of college we had lost sight of our own wellness. We gained weight, became overworked and struggled to find happiness in day to day activities because of this. We started attending the Y where we were using the weight room and cardio equipment. After months we did not feel much different from before. One night I saw a Zumba class and told Tyler we should go. That class ultimately altered the trajectory of our lives. We went from an elliptical to a group fitness class that is now our family. We celebrate births, promotions, weddings and life with one another. That family encouraged us to become instructors which led us to a global family. We have built such a strong relationship with so many ZINs and it’s unbelievable. People have opened their homes and hearts to us so we can share a Zumba class together. Zumba is a fitness program for us but it has become our fitness family that we will eternally be grateful for.



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