Here’s What You Can Buy if you Win the Powerball


Like most people across the United States, you probably have a Powerball ticket (or 100) in your possession. With a $1.5 BILLION jackpot up for grabs tonight, we think it’s time to start testing your luck. Can you imagine all the Zumba Wear you can buy with $1.5 billion?? No need to imagine, we’ll tell you!

46,875,000 Glow V Sports Bras

30,612,245 High Beam Paneled Leggings 

38,461,538 Glow Long Sleeve Pullovers

30,612,245 Sparks Fly Sweatpants 

12,505,210 Zumba® Incredible Results™ Ultimate Kits

That’s a WHOLE LOT of Zumba love!!

In all seriousness though, what will you do with the money if you win?!



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