How I Help Babies and Caregivers Form Lasting Bonds Through Dance

“Several years ago, I had just had my third child and was looking for a fun fitness class to help me lose weight. I discovered Zumba, went from a size 20 to a size 8, and felt so confident that I decided to become a licensed Zumba Instructor! But that’s not the only way that Zumba changed my life.

I wanted to expand my career and had a real interest in early childhood education. Imagine my luck when the Zumbini program was announced! A class developed specifically for babies and their caretakers? Sounded perfect to me. I signed up for a training right away and fell in love with the program from the get go.

Eventually, I learned about the opportunity to train other instructors to become licensed in the Zumbini program. I got the job! To date, I have trained 32 new Zumbini Instructors across Canada. It’s so exciting to share my passion and knowledge with others, because Zumbini really is so amazing.

The music and songs are so happy, energetic, and engaging, and they entice the children and caregivers to dance, sing, and learn while having fun! To watch babies and caregivers bond, play, and progress is just incredible. I recently received a thank you letter from one of the moms, where she explained that she had been suffering from post-partum depression and was finding it difficult to bond with her child, but Zumbini was making such a difference in their lives. They now look forward to bonding every week in Zumbini class and, to me, that is incredibly rewarding.”

Pamela Murphy, licensed Zumbini® Instructor and early childhood education enthusiast

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