Guess What Fitness Activity Students Want in School?

For as long as we can remember, team sports have been a part of any school’s curriculum. Think softball, dodgeball, relay races, and more. But results from a recent poll conducted by the Girls’ School Association in the UK point to a new trend: non-competitive activities over team sports.

The poll found that a majority of sports directors think general fitness activities are equal to sports like rugby, lacrosse, and hockey. Moreover, 55-85% of the respondents said that students will soon be more likely to participate in non-competitive activities, like Zumba and Pilates, than competitive team sports.

The reason for this shift? Students are placing a high value on well-being and health overall. They are also interested in individual pursuits as well as having more of an assortment in the activities that are made available to them in school.

The bottom line is that sports (of the individual or team variety) are increasingly important to this young generation. The trend towards moving, sweating, and focusing on health is growing stronger over time, with no signs of slowing down.

So, tell us: what activity would you choose to participate in if you went back to school?



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