Greens We Love Series: Kale

Anybody recall the episode of The Tonight Show when Jimmy Fallon hosted First Lady Michelle Obama and she encouraged the late-night host to eat kale? It was a comical bit with a bona fide message.
Kale is being hailed as “the queen of greens” because of its antioxidant content and anti-inflammatory properties. Low in calories and high in nutrients, kale delivers a walloping amount of vitamins and minerals in one single cup. Even among other dark, leafy greens, it stands tall. Some studies have shown that kale can not only prevent but can also reverse heart disease and arthritis, and it’s known to benefit your stomach, liver, brain, hair, skin and eyes.
Speaking of other dark, leafy greens, though kale looks like spinach, it’s actually part of the cabbage family. And it has other surprises up its green sleeve. You can find it in unusual places – errr, recipes. Michelle Obama encouraged Jimmy Fallon to eat kale chips, as an example.
You can also substitute it for spinach in quiche or lasagna, use it in lieu of lettuce on grilled sandwiches, add it to soups or eat it as a salad—the heavy leaves can hold heavier dressing. Pair with nuts or toss it into a smoothie. Put it on pizza, sauté it or slow-cook it.
The list goes on. Oh, and whatever you do, be sure to give baked kale chips a try.

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