Go Around The World With Zumba Wear

Zumba® Wear fans, get ready: we’re about to take you on a world tour! Launching today, the World Tour collection is a six-month campaign that will include five – yes, FIVE – deliveries of funky, fresh styles to match your jet-setting mood. With athleticwear becoming a staple in everybody’s closet, these are pieces you can confidently wear in and out of the dance studio.

This is the first collection of its kind and the first time the design team is stretching out the styles over a six-month period. And, lucky ZIN™ Members who are attending ZINCON are in for a treat: be amongst the first to shop pieces from the entire world tour collection (a.k.a, snag pieces that won’t be publically available for months)!

Special tip: every single delivery in the World Tour collection includes a brand-new, freshly printed sneaker! And did you know that we have our very own in-house textile designer, Sigal, who creates all the prints by hand? Translation: these graphics can’t be found anywhere else.

So, where in the world will this tour be taking you?

2016FitnessConcertRehearsal-0260First stop: tour overview. Take a sneak peek into the styles that have inspired the entire collection. Must-have snags include brightly colored basics (think neon pink, neon green, and neon orange sports bras); World Tour Tanks; updated denim in military-green fabrics; six shoes with a brand-new mid-ankle style; and a TON of accessories (pins to customize your denim, hats, lanyards, and more goodies).

Second stop: just in time for the Olympics, we’re going to Brazil! Coming this August.

Third stop: we’ll be jetting to the big apple, New York, New York. Reserve your seats for this September.

Fourth stop: as Autumn creeps in, let’s take a vacation down to Jamaica, where we’ll relax with a never-before-seen style included in this stop.

Last stop: this December, we’re taking it all the way around the world for a final stop in Korea, where amazing fashion trends rule.

2016FitnessConcertRehearsal-0309Check in with ZLife often for style updates, insider information, exclusive interviews with the design team, Zumba Wear how-to’s, and a ton more! And don’t forget to show off your styles using #ZumbaWear. Are you ready to conquer the world?



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