Gifts for Women Who Love to Dance

‘Tis the season to find that perfect gift for everybody in your life. While the holidays are filled with joy and merriment, it can be stressful to find a gift that’s just right. Let us help you take that stress away!

We’ve rounded up a list of potential gifts that would be ideal for the woman in your life who loves to dance. Whether it’s your bestie, sister, aunt, grandma, daughter, or mom, any of these gifts would be a perfect way to fulfill their samba-loving dreams!
1. Headphones
Without music, there is no dance. High quality headphones like these let your dancer enjoy her music anywhere she wants! Plus, these ever-popular Beats By Dre pieces come in so many amazing colors. 
2. iTunes Gift Card
What good are headphones without amazing music to pair with? Gift cards are great because they’re ideal for any budget and you can rest easy knowing the recipient will be getting exactly what she wants. 
3. The Gift of Art
the singing butler 
People love displaying art because it’s an expression of who they are creatively and emotionally. has a wide selection of beautiful prints and photographs that capture the essence of dance. 
4. A Hot Outfit
What woman doesn’t like getting new clothes? Hook her up with these awesome Zumba® Wear pieces, perfect for expressing yourself and letting it move you! PS – these shoes were specifically made for busting a move in Zumba class without torturing your body. 
5. Hair Tie Bracelet
hair tie bracelet 
This is such a unique, but functional idea. Women (especially dancers) have a habit of wearing hair-ties on their wrist so they can pull back their hair whenever needed. But, most of the time, it just doesn’t look pretty sitting on your wrist. These hair tie bracelets are beautiful to look at and a perfect way to keep a hair-tie handy. Functional and fashionable? Yes, please. 
6. Water Bottle 
Hydration is key for any fitness enthusiast. Encourage her to drink more water and to help the environment by giving her a BPA-free water bottle. Plastic is bad for your health and for the earth, so this bottle is perfect for quenching thirst on-the-go.
7. Gym Membership
Fulfill her dance-fitness class dreams! With an unlimited gym membership, she can take all the Zumba classes she wants. Better yet, sign up with her and become gym buddies for the next year! 24 Hour Fitness is known for offering great group workout sessions. 
8. Gym Bag
You’ve given her all the essentials for a great workout, now give her a place to store it all in. It should fit everything she needs but still be super cute. We love LeSportSac’s awesome variety of prints and styles!  
9. Bluetooth Speaker
When it’s time to have a living-room-dance-party, you need the best speakers to put your music on blast. Bose® makes some of the best on the market.  
10. Salsa Lessons
The best thing about dance is that there’s always something new to learn. It’s a lifelong passion that one is sure to never get bored with. Try something new with her by enrolling in salsa lessons together. What could be more fun?



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